Interactive Art and Graffiti Walls are an innovative and exciting brandable item that lets participants easily create digital art and graffiti using infrared technology.


Using digital spray cans, guests create their own digital artful masterpiece. The Virtual Art / Graffiti Wall combines our photo expertise to add a guest photo to our super large projection screen. Participants can “spray” on stencils, use premade stamps, and/or freehand artwork and text. The spray cans even mimic the sounds of actual spray painting. It’s all the fun without the mess or smell!


Your guests can select a background or we can use your photo, logo or any image as the background, or part of the design. We will even protect your important branding from any over spraying by guests or host.


People in line can’t wait to get their hands on the infra-red spray cans and begin their artwork. Unlike real graffiti, if someone starts spraying and doesn’t like their design, there are undo and redo buttons!

Guests receive a printed copy of their masterpiece as well as having the option to e-mail it or post their finished work to Facebook. A short video of all the brushstrokes is also created to add even more fun to the event.